The Idea

Association chairwoman Debbie Jenne began supporting needy children in South Africa long before the association was founded. The South African knows about the great need in her home country.

Her parents lived and worked in a children’s home in the slums of Johannesburg. Having lived in South Africa, Debbie knows first hand of how children suffer in poverty.

Especially the orphans at „Nhlengelo“ in Mapumalanga pulled at her heart strings. She showed the reports and photos to her friends and acquaintances in Germany, who were immediately willing to donate money.

However, she realised that she would not get very far with a small piggy bank. So along with friends and neighbours in Germany an association was founded.

Much has changed since then.  Over the past 12 years we have helped several different groups of children: Street Children,  Abused children as well as supported a Kindergarten. Currently we are supporting the orphans of Yumelela in the Drakensberg area. Through the commitment of many people, we now want to expand our help and create better living conditions for the children which will give them a chance for the future.

Yomelela helper on her way to a destitute family from Lesotho with food.